Launch of Wyeth Nutrition, the science behind S-26 Progress GOLD

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Launch of Wyeth Nutrition, the science behind S-26 Progress GOLD

For moms, their children are the most precious thing whom they are always in search of the best things for. More than 100 years, Wyeth Nutrition, the first innovator of modern infant formula who truly understands moms, continues to research for the best nutrition and has been at the forefront of milk formula development that meets nutritional need of children and behind the success of S-26 Progresss GOLD, a high quality premium milk formula for children aged one year old and above. Today, Wyeth Nutrition officially launched for the first time in Thailand hosting Mom Talk, a stage for five mom celebrities to come share their real stories.

For more than 100 years of research and development, Wyeth Nutrition began their journey by introducing a milk formula with essential nutrition for children’s brain development, sight, digestion system, growth, and immune system such as Alpha-lactalbumin, a high quality whey protein, DHA, Choline, Lutien, Beta-carotene, and Vitamin C. Wyeth Nutrition understands a mother’s heart, strives to develop the best nutrition to tackle mothers’ every concern, strictly complies with GMO regulation  in every country with all production pipelines certified by ISO which drives the success of S-26 Progress GOLD, a high quality preium milk formula.

Ms. Jarinee Wongkamthong, Marketing Director, Wyeth Nutrition said  “Wyeth Nutrition, originated in the US, has been behind the success of S-26 Progress GOLD. This year, we decided to officially launch Wyeth Nutrition in Thailand to showcase our dedication in the past century and our vision to uplift Thai children’s nutrition. We upkeep our concept of “Always Stay Ahead” in every research and development through the understanding of a mother’s heart.”

At the event, the new television commercial projected how Wyeth Nutrition researches from the heart of moms who care and have a habit of jotting down notes to record every stage of their children’s growth and this behavior of mom later sparks their children’s curiosity.

“The brand also launched an online campaign “What kind of moms are you?” telling stories of dedicated and loving moms who want the best for their children. The stories include that of Strong Mom who sacrifices energy and time for her child, Show-off Mom whose life on social is all about showing off her child’s development, Top-spending Mom who pays for highest quality to invest the best things for her child, Over-the-top Mom who pays attention to every detail about her child, and Researcher Mom who searches for information to ensure that her child will get the best of everything” Ms. Jarinee said

Guest appearances at the event include Amita Tata Young as Strong Mom, Hana Tudsanawalai Chakrabongse as Over-the-top Mom, Peach Sitamon Pholdee as Show-off Mom, Mimi Milin Yuvacharuskul, young designer, as Top-spending Mom, and Tookta Panida Iemsirinoppakul, a well-known author, as Researcher Mom. These five moms are well recognized in their professions. They gathered together on stage at Wyeth Nutrition press conference to share stories from moms’ hearts that have never been revealed anywhere else before at Paragon Cineplex. Wyeth Nutrition also live-streamed through S-MomClub Facebook page to increase exposure among the consumers.

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