“Bireley’s” enlarges its port to strengthen “Ichitan Group”

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“Bireley’s” enlarges its port to strengthen “Ichitan Group”

After having launched Bireley’s 10% fruit drink 2015, Bireley’s introduces this year Bireley’s Fruit Creation Premium 100% Fruit Juice and Bireley’s Fruit To Go Snack Drink, target on healthy-urban lifestyle, teen and working people respectively. To follow a plan to be a fruit beverage brand sharing in every market segment. The brand set a goal to achieve 500 MB in 2017.

Tan Passakornnatee, President & CEO of Ichitan Group, revealed that “Bireley’s port extension is following our plan to create Bireley’s brand as a quality fruit drink that covers all target markets as well as to increase Ichitan Group’s potential in the manufacturing and distributing other beverages apart from RTD tea and herbal drinks. We believe that the fruit drink market has a potential in growth and responds to consumer trends. In addition to the business line extension of Ichitan Group, the company aims to hit the total sales of 7,450 million Baht in 2017

Bireley’s Fruit Creation Premium 100% Fruit Juice aims to create a good for health beverage to respond consumers’ healthy lifestyle. The product aims to penetrate in premium and medium fruit drinks market with a market size of 6,447 million Baht and a 6% growth last year. In the creation of Bireley’s Fruit Creation Premium 100% Fruit Juice, Bireley’s has selected orange juice as its signature to mix with other vegetables and fruits; for example, mango, carrot or tomato to deliver new flavors under the concept “Everything goes well with orange juice”. Bireley’s Fruit Creation Premium 100% Fruit Juice is now available in modern trade channel and in convenience stores nationwide. There are 3 flavors including orange with tomato, orange with carrot and orange with mango come 2 sizes of 1 l. and 230 ml. for 69 baht and 20 baht respectively. In addition, the brand has released commercial advertisement named “Love and Hate”, it is anticipated that the product sales will reach 120 million Baht in 2017.

At the same time, Bireley’s Fruit To Go, 20% fruit drink with jelly, aims at adolescents and young working people target between 15-25 years old who love to enjoy taste of fun with the concept of “Go with Joy”. The product highlights at high vitamins with less as many as 30 calories, available in 2 flavors; orange and grape, contained in 150 g. pouch packaging for 10  Baht. Main selling distribution is traditional trade channel. Bireley’s Fruit To Go is expected to make 140 million Baht in sales from a market value of 2 billion Baht.


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